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parameter from a part in a drawing


New member
Hello! I´m very new with programming in Visual Basic but I have a very urgent duty that any help will be greatly appriciated.

I defined some properties in my part. And a value was given to this ones. Now I created a drawing and added a text box. In this text box, which is named text.1, should appear the value of this new propertie from the part.

Assuming that my propertie is "DRAWING No." Something like this I think is maybe what i´m looking for:
Texts.GetItem("text.1").Text = ProductDrawn.ReferenceProduct.UserRefProperties.Item("DRAWING No.").ValueAsString
(not sure if this works but I think something like this must be included)

and of course the hole code.. I´ve been searching a loot,,, but not quite achived anything because of my unknowledge from this language. Is there a simple code which I could use for this?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Super Moderator
This can be done interactively very easily using Attribute Link when editing cell in the table.

Do you really need to write a program for this?