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parametric issue


New member
Parameters issue


It is possible to to set up an parameter or something in Catia to add or eliminate lines and circles ?
Attached i put an example.

Thanks for your help.

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You can write a macro or script program in CATIA V5 to make the sketch of the shape you described. The program can be based on parameters for input (such as the "number of bubbles").
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MrCatia, can you help me to write, or if you have an example for my issue, please post it .....



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Programming is not a skill of mine. Maybe someone else can help you, especially if you are willing to make an attempt at a program.

If you have already drawn a sketch of the shape, you could also try a Power Copy to copy and modify the shape. This doesn't require programming.

How are you using these "bubbles" - what is the final result you're trying to achieve? Maybe there's an easier way to model it?


New member
In attachment you can see the final result.
Are situations with 1,2,3... bubbles.
I parameterized everything in sketch,also the length will be modify and what i want in plus is to add bubble or take out.



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This 3D shape can easily be modeled in CATIA, with parameters.

Are there any specific parameters to use?
- number of bubbles
- overall length
- pitch
- bubble radius
- groove radius
- outside diameter

Are there any desired relationships?
- groove radius is always .55 times the bubble radius


New member
I managed to put parameters for bubble radius, diameter, length,I did not succeed to add or subtract more bubbles
- number of bubbles (can be 1,2,3,....n)
- overall length (starting from 50mm to 300,400mm)
- pitch (can be different from case to case)
- bubble radius (can be different from case to case)
- groove radius(can be different from case to case)
- outside diameter(can be different from case to case)
Bellow you can see two situations

Thank you for your help.



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Still not enough information, but here is a different approach to your problem: First, make one "bubble" and then use a Pattern for the others. Then add a Fillet where the Pattern intersects the center shaft.

The Parameters: (first 3 are inputs, and other 2 are calculated)

The Formulas:

The model:

I hope this is enough to get you started based on your definitions.

*This method does NOT work with only 1 bubble since it uses a Pattern
*Two Planes are only to verify the overall length
*The Assembly command allows using a Fillet where Body.2 intersects Shaft.1
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MrCatia, in the picture below you can see the model built.
Also can you post the CATpart that you made, to see how you think the construction ?

Thak you

Thank youCapture.JPG


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Attached is the CATIA CATPart file I made to present a pattern method to handle the repeated, convoluted shape. The file is based on V5R21.


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