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Part design help


Hello fellow members,

This is the first of my many future posts. I am relatively new to CATIA enviroment but I have the backrgound in 3D modeling. Now I have a 3D model (single body). I will try to explain it in words. Please bear with me. Imagine a cylinder, select any diameter and split the cylinders in to two euqal parts. Now insert a 3D rectangular block with the two cylinders on its top and bottom sides. The diameter of the cylinder is the smaller side of the rectangle. so the final 3D model will look like an automobile radiator (vaugely). Now that we have established the model, back to my question.

I have this model and it is represented as a single part. I would like to split this in to an assembly of three parts ( two halves of semi-cylinders and one rectangluar block). It sounds simple. but with relatively very few idea about the CATIA enviroment, it is not so. So I want to split it in to three parts so that when I import in Ansys I should be able to select these three parts seperately and give them different properties.

I hope I have made it as clear as possible. Any ideas ?

P.S : I have already tried SPLIT in CATIA with no success, maybe i am doing it wrong.!


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I'm not sure how ANSYS will handle this, but in CATIA you will need to make an assembly (CATProduct) of the three parts (CATPart), with each part having different material properties.

To simplify the instructions:

1. Make a new CATPart file for each of the 3 parts. (if the two endcaps are identical, just make one part and use it twice)

2. Make a new CATProduct and insert the block and two endcaps. Add assembly constraints to position the parts relative to each other.
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