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Part position in product


New member
I have a situation where the position of standard components placed in a product varies from project to project.
Is there a way I can control the position and orientation of these parts using a design table?
Or another method?


Super Moderator
Normally, Assembly Constraints are used to position parts in assemblies. Just constraint the standard parts to the different mating components of each project.


New member
Yes, of course.
I have worked file based and used constraints for a few years.
Now I work with a catia environment controlled by VPM where positioning is stored in VPM itself.
What I want to do is automate the repetitive task of bringing in standard parts.
At the moment they are added to a product and positioned with compass, etc., and this position saved to VPM. The position of these parts is critical and I would like to incorporate their positioning and checks with the data we are supplied from our sister office which controls this data.
Does this make sense?


Super Moderator
Sorry, but I'm not familiar with VPM and how it handles part positions.

In CATIA, part positions are defined by assembly constraints. Using the compass to position parts is not exact and not permanent.

Maybe someone else with VPM experience can help?



Everything depends on how the files are transfered between offices

First of all there are few procedures, depending on which solution you use with your sister office...do they have also a VPM database? As far as I understand from you they don't have VPM, is it true?

If they have VPM, the transfer should be done with the help of a step file, which incorporate also the position of the parts....

If this is not working well (it can happens), you can create a macro to record the postion of the parts in assy...

Best regards