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Part properties in Title Box


New member

I would like that the properties that I added on my part (Material, Part Number...) appear in the Table of the drawing that corresponds to the part without having to fill this fields again, but that they appear by them selves.

I´m new with Catia and I have no idea how to programm with this software.

I got the codes needed for this but ufortunately I can´t use them. I have been looking in books of programming with catia, but It´s taking a lot of time, and I acctually will not be using more programation here. I just need to be able to link this part properties to my draft table.

I would really apprieciate if someone could give me some tips or just the first steps how to use this codes, how can I run them so they apply to my part and draft?

Sorry for my unexperience here. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,