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Paste Special - As Result


New member
I want to transfer bodies from a part to another one (in an assembly) and it won't work. Here is what I do:

1- Open the assembly
2- Activate the part in which I want to bodies to be pasted by double-clicking on its name in the tree (just above its XY plane). Name becomes blue.
3- Right click in the tree on the body to be transfered and COPY. This body is in another part and contains a closed surface.
4- Right click in the tree on the active part (step #2) and PASTE SPECIAL...
5- Select "As Result" and OK
.... nothing happens.

No new body is created and no error message or warning is shown. I used to do that before but is has stopped working I don't know why.


Super Moderator
The steps look good Phil. I just repeated them and it worked OK.

Is everything updated before you start to copy the body? Also, verify you are in the Part Design workbench before you do the Paste Special.

Try resetting your options (CATSettings) - something might have to set to suddenly prevent you from pasting.

Which release are you running?


Super Moderator
something else to check:

What do the icons look like in front of the Part Instances in the assembly? Normally, the icon has two gears, a red axis and a sheet of paper. Do your parts have blue and yellow gears?

If the part has Import links but is out of Context, Paste Special normally doesn't work (but I'm not sure about Paste as Result)
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