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Pathfinder Palette - Rhino equivalent. Clip/Trim surface woes!

Robert G

New member
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Rhino and working my way through the various tools and one thing I find myself struggling with is an easy way to cut a closed shape within a shape.

I've attached an example image of a rounded square within a larger rounded square, now If I were using Illustrator I'd clip it with one of the pathfinder tools, or if using Vectorworks I'd simply use the 'Clip surface' tool to achieve my goal, but I can't seem to find a Rhino equivalent.

I've tried using the 'Trim' tool but it only seems to trim shapes if I was to say, draw a line across a square and cut one side of it, whereas in my case I wish to cut a shape from a shape.

I've also tried the Planarsrf tool which, at first seems a success, but as soon as I extrude it, it results in two seperate extrudes, the outer square and the inner. essentially I want it to be one 'shape', if you see what I mean.

Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 18.07.44.jpg