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New member
Catia V5 R19

Im am new to this forum so first of hi. Second I have a model that is a v4 then i am migrating to a v5 then I am importing it through a dci into pcdmis 2010 and when I do this the datum points are not showing up. Does anybody have any idea why is that? :confused:


New member
I am having problems with when i send a v5 model into pcdmis through a dci. When I do this the datum points do not show up does anybody have a idea why this:confused:


Super Moderator
Hi Mconklin, and welcome to the CATIA forum at 3DCADFORUMS.

First, I have no idea what a "dci" is. And I think "pcdims" is CMM Inspection software - right?

Second, is the CATIA data correct? Do you see the points in V4 and after you convert the model to V5?


New member
DCI is a Direct Cad Interface. And I can see the points in catia after it is converted to a v5. I just cant see the points in pcdmis which yes is a CMM software. The points are there because i can scan the part and find them there just hidden:confused: