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Pdf to dwg Urgent help


New member
Hey friends
i m newbie, i have some probm
i need covert
image to dwg
pdf to dwg

or anybody can tell me the process to read it in AutoCAD

Thanking in Adv.



Use aXsware PDF to DWG Converter that can solve the problem easily.It directly convert PDF to DWG or DXF files, preview converted drawing with embedded drawing viewer, and then you can open up the created drawing with your drafting system, such as AutoCAD or TurboCAD, all lines arcs texts are perfectly converted, and you can edit it as normal drawing files, you can move, delete and trim lines, copy and paste part of drawing, change scale etc.


New member
hello sir
I often coveter the PDF to DWG

if you PDF is coveterd by dwg or some software such as AI, you can easy to coverte the PDF to DFX by software.

IF you PDF created by photoshop or some image soft ware, you cant to coverte to dfx.


New member
Hi sudhir, If you have any copy of a CAD drawing in pdf, you can convert it to (.dwg or .dxf) to save your time and to make your drawings very quickly without creating unnecessary stuff which you are already having. Don't go for any online converters, your data might get stolen by hackers. Please use any CAD software which is having inbuilt PDF to DXF or DWG...
I suggest you, go for below link to download an inbuilt .pdf to .dxf CAD software