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PDM solutions for Solidworks..


Does anybody know of an alternative to EPDM for Solidworks?

Not sure if it is best and only route to go down but we are getting pushed in that direction.. I was hoping others have had a good experience with similar PDM systems we can draw a comparison from?

Multi CAD and Workflow capabilities a must…

Hi Mechview,

We use a program called DDM from a company called CSI in Newbury.

If you trawl their website you will find this link to a solidworks integration video, I have stuck it here for you
DDM : SolidWorks Assembly Configurations

They are really worth a good look as they provide better functionality than Enterprise PDM but at less cost!

Good luck
little known solution

A friend of mine at another company said they have just bought a system called "design data manager" or "DDM" from a company called CSI.

He is raving so much about it that we are in the process of discussions with them. I have seen a quick online demo and was very impressed myself. They are coming in to do a live demo in August but I have already had an initial quote over the phone and it is really cheap considering it's functionality.

I will let you know my findings but looking very positive at the moment.