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Photoworks Question


New member
So I have an assembly in Solidworks 2007, and it includes a large tent structure with things in it. My problem is that I am trying to make the tent transparent enough to see the stuff inside, but when I render the thing in photoworks I can not get light to go through the tent material, no matter what I do. I've tried changing the transparency of the tent at the part level and assembly level, I've tried tried changing the transparency of the material in photoworks, increasing the lighting. Nothing seems to work except if I hide or delete the tent all together. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it, thanks.
PhotoWorks question

Hi there k20attack,

your best bet will be to asign a material from PhotoWorks to your tent and then set the transparency within PhotoWorks. The Material you use is not really that relevant if it is going to be transparent so you could well use one of the transparent plastics or perhaps even glass.

What does surprise me is, if you have set your tent to be transparent within SolidWorks, that it is then not so in PhotoWorks. I have done exactly what you say quite often and the transparent parts were also transparent in PhotoWorks.

Kind regards,

George White.

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