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Pipe welding in Catia


New member
Hello everyone! My name is Enrique and I'm new at this forum :)

I'm mechanical engineering and have been working with Catia for a long.

Actually, I have the task of doing a hidraulic piping line representing the welding between the different sections. It is my first time with Weld Design module and got some problems with pipe welding.

I want to do a simple Butt weld with two pipes that are assembly togheter but when select, cant click OK. I have been searching on internet but not too much info.


This is what I have and when try to weld together, nothing. I have tried with the pipes together, a little bit separated...

If someone could help me I would be very glad :)


New member
Hi again. I still have the doubt about how to weld two pipes.

I have been thinking all night and maybe a chamfler in each pipe would help. Here comes the second problem, all pipes have been desgined by shape and after given a thickness. The problem is that that way I can not use chamfer tool in part design, and in shape I dont find any similiar, any way to give chamfer to the pipe that way without having to design it in part design?

I have also tried with two part design pipes with chamfer and nothing.


Has someone ever made something like that?

Thanks in advance!


Super Moderator
Hello Enrique,

I wish I could help you with your CATIA problem, but I know nothing about the Weld Design workbench.

I do see a number of tutorials and videos about it when I search the internet - maybe something there will help you figure it out.

I see that you are a student. Does your professor know how to do it? Or maybe the Dassault Academy might help: https://academy.3ds.com/en


New member
Thanks for your answer MrCATIA.

I'm also new at the Weld Design Workbench.

I have seen some tutorials on internet and tried them, everything fine. But no one was with pipes faced together, where the problems cames.

Yes, I have asked some mates but no one have used it.

I will keep trying it.

Thank you again :)