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[PKT] CATIA Document template - input/datum problem


New member

I'm preparing a Document template of a front bicycle fork as my master's degree project. I have a problem with Input part of the template - I may pick up the geometry I want to use, but after the template is made, it isn't positioning correct with the use of pointed edge, axis, point or whatever I'm using as input. Instead it pastes like a normal part - positions as it was modelled, with respect to axis system.

I tried a few ways to "get" the input geometry:

1. I made parts in conspect of a bigger assembly (and used projected edges as a base geo for further part development).
2. I made fake datums (geo without any link used for some pointless sketches etc.) placed just where I wanted.
3. I made parts without conspect of an assembly, but based only on datum geometry.

None of these ways worked, as the part still pastes at the axis system of a product.
Funny thing is that I have a few document templates added to a book about creating them (my problem is unfortunately not described there) - they work just fine which means it isn't caused by CATIA settings. I make some error, which causes my problem.

Can anyone of you help me with it? This is probably the 99,9th percent of my work, and I'm stuck with it for a few weeks...