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Point on Surface


New member
How can I create a point on a curved surface?

I need a few data points that can be used to check a profile tolerance.


Super Moderator
There are many ways to create points that lay on a surface.

One way would be to create a Sketch sort of parallel to the surface, and add Points in the sketch with specific horizontal and vertical constraints. Then Project these sketch points onto the surface in the direction normal to the sketch plane.


Super Moderator
Of course it can be done! Use the Projection command in the Gen Shape Design workbench to project points (or lines or curves) onto a surface.

I'm not able to open the jpg image you attached. Could you try attaching it again, please

I'm assuming you want the points at specific coordinates on the surface, which is why I suggested the method of projecting sketch points.

The easiest way is to use the On Surface mode in the Point command. Just select the surface, click a location and OK to create the point directly on the surface.


Super Moderator
Thanks for the second attachment, but I'm still unable to see either one. All I get is a gray area instead of the image. Must be something with my computer, so I'll try again later with a different computer.


New member
I am sort of throwing in the towel........I have the points located, however, I need the values to reference a hole that I can use as zero.

Every few weeks I am running into something I haven't done before :confused:


Super Moderator
I can't see the second attachment either - must be something about the image?

Don't give up Halzimers. This is actually pretty easy to do. And everything is done using the Generative Shape Design workbench.

Based on your last post, I made a surface with a hole and here are the steps to create reference points on the surface. (and hopefully my images will show up)

1. we have a surface with a hole in it. And the hole has a centerpoint we want to use as reference for the other points.

2. create a sketch in the XZ plane. Project the centerpoint into the sketch. Then create new points in this sketch and constraint them based on the projected centerpoint. Exit the sketch when done.

3. now we can project the sketch points onto the surface, one at a time. Use the Projection command (circled below), with the Along A Direction option. The direction is the Y-axis (perpendicular to the sketch).

Measure the points to get the coordinates of the points on the surface.
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