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Pre Fab House Panel Cutouts


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I found the following post from THREDBLUR12 in the Problem Forum:

I am a design engineer working for a company which manufactures prefabricated houses. These houses are basically made of UPVC panels which comes in long sheets. My job is to create a cutting list for these panels. One house usually uses about 100-150 panels.
The problem is, I can easily sketch out the panels in the house but while drafting and creating a cutting list, it takes me quite a lot of time. Is there any alternative way by which I can draft each and every panels automatically?
What I normally do is
1.start drafting and inserting the views.
2. Label each and every panels
3. Create a table (usually 4 rows in a page with panel description and its single view with dimensioning.

it takes me about 2 days to complete one house which is not what my boss wants

Thank you.
I use Catia V5

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CATIA V5 provides alot of automation tools to provide custom solutions to jobs such as yours. But it requires some programming knowledge and time, or hiring someone who has the programming skills.