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Pro/E+IsoDraw problems


New member
Hi, I just registered and I have a question to anybody who has experience with producing CAD drawings or assembly for export to IsoDraw. I am not sure if I am placing this in the right spot, but since I use mostly assemblies I put it here.

As a Technical Writer I don't produce the CAD-drawings myself, but get them from a designer or through Windchill/Productview.

When converting the drawing/assembly to 2D in IsoDraw, prompting the program to make a thick/thin line conversion, the result is more or less useless for technical illustration purposes. The lines become jagged and the vector points are scattered all over. Plus there is a whole lot of unwanted lines, things that should have been caught by the "remove hidden line" process. In short, I would produce a much nicer illustration myself in Illustrator.

I have tried updating my software. I have went around ProductView alltogether and used files straight from Pro/E, adjusted my conversion process (settings). Even my supplier has put through files through their system and still, the problem persists although it's gotten slightly better.

Ideas anyone?

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