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Problem to reorder the tree



When I reorder the tree of my part all the functions after what I reorder doesn t appears.
For example:
1)I create 2 sketches: sketch1 and sketch2,
2)I reorder the sketch2 befor sketch1,
3)I create sketch3

In the tree:


sketch1 --> doesnt appear

The sketch 3 will be create between the 1 and the 2, and the 1 doesn t appear anymore... If I reorder the sketch3 after the sketch1 , then sketch3 and sketch1 dont appear anymore:
sketch1 --> doesnt appear
sketch3 --> doesnt appear

Is it possible that the sketch 3 is created after the sketch1? How can I see the sketches 1 and 3 of my example

Thank you.


Super Moderator
I don't know why the sketches are missing. I'm able to use Reorder Children to move the sketches into any order with no problems (I'm using V5R18)

I do have a bunch of questions:
1. why are you reordering the sketches?
2. which release are you using?
3. how are you reordering the sketches?
4. which workbench are you using to reorder?
5. are these sketches used as solid profiles? Or are they just a bunch of unused sketches?
6. are you using Hybrid design?
7. have you projected or intesected features inside the sketches?
8. are the sketches in a Body, Geomertric Set, or Ordered Geometric Set?

Sketches can show up in different branches of the tree, and they can appear more than once. Are you sure the missing sketches didn't somehow get moved somewhere else in the tree?


1)I take an exemple with sketches but it is the same probleme with all elements. I did an extrusion of a sketch with a dimension, then I realise that I dont want stop my extrusion with a dimension but with a complexe shape, so I created a shape but I cant put it in the definition of the extrusion, that s why I reorder the shape in the first position, I use 'up to surface' in the definition of the extrusion, it works (the preview) but when I valid it, the extrusion desappear...
2) Catia V5R19
3)Right clic on the sketch in the tree, sketch object, reorder...
4)Part design and Generative shape design, but if it is only one of them we can have the same problem
5)solid, shape, but if you try to move only the sketches with no extrusion (my first exemple) you have the same problem
6)Hybrid means with different workbench? see 4

When I said the sketches dont appear, I mean they are in the tree but the geometry of these sketches dont appear in the principal screen

Thanks for your answer.

I think I know what's going on. Double click on the last element on the tree to make it "active", then right click on it and choose "define in work object."