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Problem when importing STEP file into CATIA - Assembly combined into one PART & PARTBODY

Nur Ain

Hi pals, I am having an issue with importing STEP file consisting of an assembly into CATIA. It will always show the whole as one single PART, and every actual 'parts' of the assembly as PARTBODY. This makes it difficult to move things around/snapping.

Is there something I can do differently:
A) When saving STEP file from other software (but this would be sometimes beyond my control as some files were from clients)
B) When opening/importing STEP file from CATIA (perhaps there's a setting to control how I import files?)
C) Accept this fact & maybe there's a quick way to convert the hundreds of PARTBODY to PART? Any tips?

It's been really time consuming to work with STEP files when this happens, I really appreciate if you have any guidance!😭😭😭

If the client is unwilling to send a assembly file, then you have to work with the multi-part file. You should be able to re-position bodies with constraints (within the Part Design workbench). You can also make drawings based on one or more of the bodies. I would try to use the part file as is from your client.

CATIA does not have a tool to convert a multi-body CATPart into a muti-instance CATProduct. But you could write a program (macro?) to convert it, or maybe hire someone to write it for you.

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