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Problem with background picture


Hello all

I was in Catia community all the time but recently I had to work with 3Dmax, because I want to work as a freelancer in some relative websites. As far as I researched, the most of requests is for programming, creating logo and other thing relative to marketing or website advertises and nobody fount to need a planner or designer in the industrial or architectonic fields. So, as a notable part of freelancing jobs is connected to advertise background I had to go back to 3Dmax (that left it years ago) inevitably to be able to make the 3D logos, illustrative 3D objects and scenes, based on the majority of requisitions in the freelancing webs.

Well, my first step was that to install a 3Dmax 2020 version in my computer and tried to remember the techniques of working with Max that I did earlier, but I couldn't remember anything after the years, especially working with the last newer version of Max that many things have been changed or turned into the unknown cases for me (menu, toolbar, icons, environments, and so on).

Anyhow, I started with watching some tutorial videos and thus remembered a little of the previous knowledge. I'm searching the webs so to go advance in a short time, though it is not a simple progression.

However, let me to express my recent problems:

1- I want to put a picture in one of the views of Max. When I click and drag the picture into the view it appears in rendering, but when I use alt+b or call viewport background and transfer the picture through this method the picture turns into a black background in rendering and doesn't appear.

2- When I use dragging method, and also create a text in front of the picture, the do extrude the text, just a small part of the picture appears in back of the text not all the view. It seems, the picture has been zoomed in, and I can't adjust the background picture to appear as the whole scene.

Please guide me, what is the cause of these problems and How I can resolve them

Thank you

These pictures may help



New member

When you drag the picture I'm sure you noticed the small dialog box that opens up with the two options checked,
The second option "An Environment Map" is the one responsible for making the image visible in the rendering.
If you press 8 on the keyboard you'll see that this map is present in the Environment Map button. Using the ALT+B to add the picture will
Only ensure the first option in that small dialog which is "A Viewport background"

Now, for the second issue, to make sure the image renders correctly, and after you drag and drop the image into the viewport,
Press 8, and, at the same time, open the Material Editor, drag and drop the image to an empty material slot,
Now, still in the Material Editor, change the mapping style of the texture from Spherical Environment to Screen.