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Problem with CATIA, geometric set missing

Hello everyone, after the last time I worked with CATIA I clicked something and that's what happened....
As you see in picture "Problem1" Im working in "Geometrical set1" but after I define work in a "Part Body" everything what I did in geometrical set is missing, you can see it in picture "problem2". Everything should be in one screen after I define work in part body but its not. Everything was good two days ago but now its not.. I would be really thankful for your help.

Have a nice day.


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Check the bottom menu and see if you can find an icon that is a small orange rectangle. Click on it and everything should be displayed (and the icon will turn into 3 blue rectangles)


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Glad that fixed the problem. The 3 blue rectangles icons means to display ALL the bodies and geometric sets; while the single orange rectangle toggles to only display the CURRENT work object (body or geometric set). Changing modes can be handy with complex models, but it's also too easy to accidentally click on the icon.