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Problem with "Edit Formula" in CATIA V5


New member

I would like to modify bill of materials table by adding two columns which contain dimensions of parts like length and width. To do so I click on PART then choose PROPERTIES and on the bottom of properties’ window click DEFINE OTHER PROPERTIES button. In next window I create desirable new parameters and then click OK. In PROPERTIES’ window I click APLLY. Now I would like to link value of new parameters with PART’s dimension. When I click right button in window with value of new parameter then I should see list with position EDIT FORMULA. Unfortunately I haven’t this option and I don’t know how I could relate this new parameter with real dimension, how to find EDIT FORMULA option??

Did somebody have similar problem and know how to solve this?? Maybe it is matter of some settings?? I’ve tried everything and still nothing…

I will be grateful for each help!!



Super Moderator
I think you're confusing Properties and Parameters.

Parameters (such as Part Height and Part Width) can be added with the f(x) icon f(x).jpg. These parameters will be available when you use EDIT FORMULA as you described.

I think you can also add these parameters to your Bill of Material .