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problem with hiding products in the tree


New member

I'm having trouble with the catia tree
When I hide a product in the catia tree, appearance it changes to Pale color after it is hidden but if I do that by right clicking on the product in page, the product will be hidden but the catia tree will not change the view and cannot be found later



Super Moderator
When you click things in the tree, you know exactly what you are picking. But when you click on the graphics, you don't know. You might have selected the component, or the instance, or the part, or the body, or a pad, or even a face!

Several ways to find out what's hidden: You could expand the tree, and keep expanding it till you see what is pale (grayed out). Or you could use the Swap Visible Space icon (bottom menu) to swap to the HIDE screen. But I like to use the Graphic Wizard to see exactly what's happening.


To use the Graphic Wizard:
1. I don't see the toolbar in your images, so click View + Toolbars + Graphic Properties to see the toolbar. The Graphics Wizard is the last icon (right side) in the toolbar
2. click the Swap Visible Space icon to see what's hidden
3. click the Graphic Wizard icon and change the mode to Hide/Show
4. click on the object to see a list of the current status


Use the online Help to learn more about CATIA's Graphic Wizard, or click http://catiadoc.free.fr/online/basug_C2/basugbt0710.htm
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New member
Thank you for your response
Your solution is right and usable, but when there are so many products and components in the design we come up with Swap Visible Space and a busy image (like the one below) Is there a way to find hidden components by type search (e.g. By filtering the product or body) or changing the tree display by hiding right-clicking on the product.



Super Moderator
I don't have a specific solution for you, but there are several CATIA things that might help:

Edit + Search might be helpful to find components by searching by color, name, layer, etc. (a shortcut is to type "n: XXXX" in the lower-right corner to search the tree for name)

Move parts into sub-components to group them together, such as fasteners. You can Hide/Show the entire group in one click, plus it makes the tree shorter.

Use Enhanced Scenes to save different combinations of hidden parts, so you can quickly call up scenes that you're familiar with.