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Problem with my published sketch


New member
Hi Mr Catia,

I made a sketch and then I created a new product. I took the sketch and inserted into the product.

When I projected a curve of the published sketch in a new part, it appeared a "broken icon" called "curve1", and this feature doesn't have link with the sketch. Please if you can help me, why is this happening instead of appearing a new geometrical set called "External References"?

Thank you


Super Moderator
Without seeing your product, its hard to diagnose the problem. It could be several things:

First, let me see if I understand this correctly:
  • You have a product with at least 2 parts inserted.
  • One part has a sketch (and it's published)
  • You are projecting the sketch geometry into the second part
  • You expect the sketch to be copied into the the second part and the geometry to be projected.
  • (this sounds like it should work)

One possible reason: you have the Create Datum mode turned on. This will create new geometry as isolated with the red zig-zag symbol. The Create Datum icon looks like an axis with the red zig-zag. Make sure this is not active (not orange).