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Problems merging solid bodies

I've been working on modeling a Nerf gun part by part. As expected, the outside shell is proving to be the hardest part to model. I've run into a stumbling block trying to merge the separate bodies into one. It has to do with a zero thickness geometry error, but I can't figure out where the problem is or how to fix it.

Also, is it possible to attach .prt files to this forum? I've tried, and this problem can't really be worked on without the file...


Attaching Files

I have attached files to my posts by using the attachments icon in the text box which brings up "manage attachments". At that point, you need to click "Add Files" which will bring up a browse dialog box that you can use to find the file. Add the file and then drag the file/files down to the attachments section and hit done in the bottom right corner. If you preview your post, you should see them there.