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Problems opening a step


New member
Customer works in Catia V5-6R2016
I work in SW 2017

All work is done in SW
They've requested a step file, save from the top SW assembly.
Then open the step file in their version of Catia, and renumber all the components to their numbering system, and save as catia

I've done this.... 80 times?
Most of the time, my top level assembly, BLAH.sldasm saves as a step just fine.
Open said step in Catia, and the top of the tree is called BLAH. All the components are sub to BLAH.
I then change properties and rename components.

Sometimes, this doesn't happen.
The current project has been crashing SW when I save as a stp, but if I keep trying, eventually it works. (note, I don't believe the stp file crashes sw on every project that this has been an issue)
Opening the step file creates a messy tree, and lots of files are "_duplicate". Opening "BLAH.stp" in catia creates a file with a tree headed "assy_root" and BLAH shows up as the only expandable item in the tree, and its position doesn't make sense. The contents of BLAH are not the whole file.

If I close and reopen the step (no saving), the file opens consistently. BLAH appears in the same position in the tree, and it looks like everything imports the same way every time.

I have not updated either program. I've not been different versions of either program
The work goes in waves. It'd been... 2 months? Since I last did this, and this problem only happened once in a while. Now every project does this

I don't speak Catia, and appreciate your patience

I don't understand what's happening

How do I get the duplicate files to stop?
What advice do you have?


The advice i can give to you is to try to use native formats of CATIA and SW. If you often need to go back and forth these two software, it can be useful to have a converter.
Take a look at this plug-in for SW and at https://www.datakit.com/en/cross_manager.php this converter