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Problems with Adaptive Sweep


New member

I'm quite new to Catia and I'm trying to learn how to use GSD workbench. I'm trying to go through the Adaptive Sweep command and it seems like I've got a problem. I'll go straight to the pictures which would show what do I mean exacly.

First of, I'm trying to create an Adaptive Sweep connected to Multi-Section Surface, both of which have the same guide. It looks like that:


So, pretty basic. The curve on the right ends perpendicular to the sketches that make the Multi-Section Surface that you can see on the right. I've created a sketch to form the Adaptive Sweep and at first sight it seems OK: http://imgur.com/WIuh8wy - you can see that the preview works. But when I try to finish it, I get an Update Error and the Manipulator shows that at the end of the Adaptive Sweep Catia sees a sickness with the intersections that are being used to draw the initial sketch of the Adaptive Sweep. The analisys doesn't show any errors with the sketch: http://imgur.com/q8wpm4b

After some tinkering I've found out that shortening the end of the Join line (the right one) "solves" this problem: http://imgur.com/nkh7BZK but it also creates a gap at the end. Initially, the line that ends the Join was starting from the same plane as the sketch and it was normal to it. Both Multi-Section Surface and Adaptive Sweep have the same Spine.

Any suggestions what's causing the problem and how to connect both surfaces?


Super Moderator
I'd like to help, but I'm having a hard time understanding the problem, without seeing the Adaptive Sweep menu, the tree, or the error message. What are you using for the Spine? What is the Join? What exactly does the error message say?