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Pyramid or Wedge using Loft command (multi-section solid/surface)


I want to make a tetrahedron by lofting the base sketch and a point on an offset plane.

Can this be done on CATIA? If so, how?


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I don't have access to CATIA right now to try this myself, but as I recall the Multi-Section tools do not work with a Point as the section. But I remember a good workaround:

Use the Affinity transformation to scale the base sketch based on the point. Use a ratio of .1 to start with. Then do the loft between the base sketch and the scaled-down sketch. Then go back and edit the Affinity, changing the ratio from .1 to .001. That should make the shape come close-enough to the end-point.


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I just had a chance to verify my previous suggestion for a loft to a point. I discovered that a Scaling operation could be used instead of the Affinity, because it's easier (although either will work). I used a scaling ratio of .0001 to make it even closer to the point.

And as I said earlier, CATIA does not let you use a point as a section.

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One easy way to make a tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid with equal length sides);

Make a Pad to extrude a sketch of an equilateral triangle, and then Draft all three sides at an angle of 19.471°