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Question about joining different mesh objects


New member
I am creating a stl file for rapid prototyping.
But have problem with creating a watertight polygon mesh objects.

I follow the steps in Rhinoceros:
"Use the Join command, then Weld (angle=180), and UnifyMeshNormals to turn a group of meshes into a single watertight mesh object. "

Then all the previous separated mesh objects merged together becomes one.
But after I export the result as a new stl file and open this new one in Rhinoceros, it becomes many parts again.

anyone know why?


New member
Water tight volume reconstruction

For constructing 3D water tight meshes, I would recommend using MeshLab (free). Rhino can get you pretty close, but it can take a long time, and doesn't always work the first time.

You can use the 'Poisson Reconstruction' filter in Meshlab, which effectively shrink wraps the entire mesh volume (or multiple surfaces) into a new water tight 3D mesh. The advantage of this method, is it eliminates any chance of tiny invisible holes, weird surface patches or other defects that could screw up the 3D print.

Poisson Reconstruction will wash out details and smooth over holes, but it generally gets better results for organic shapes and sculpture from 3D scans.

Bluegalaxy Design
Bluegalaxy Design


New member
How exactly did you create a stl file for rapid protyping I am looking into also creating something like this, any advice? Any help would be create. Look forward to getting some help.
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