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Question on Clipping Asembly/Prodcuts R19


Clipping Assembly/Products Catia R19

I know there is a way to Clip 2D View by using 3D clipping in Catia Drafting, But is there a way to to do this in 3D? Say Clip an Assembly/Product in Assembly Design so instead of all the clutter you only see a section of what you want to see? Does my question make sense?

Thanks in advance.


I am aware of 3D clipping for Drafting but is there a way to do exactly the same in Assembly Design. Like Clip a whole assembly so instead of seeing all the clutter and navigating your way through thousands of parts, you clip the assembly so the section that you want is the only things shown.

I am assuming if this is possible it will show up under the application tree.

I have tried to post the same Question but for some reason it did not show up in the Forums so I apologize if this turns out to be a duplicate.


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There is a command, called Mask, that does what you've described; view only what is inside a 3D box. You can create several Masks, save them in the tree, and turn on/off Masks. Unfortunately, I can't find the command or icon on my CATIA system (R20, MD2 config). But there is a nice description in the online Help.

Another tool is View + Depth Effect. This sets up one or two clippling planes, parallel to the screen.

A quick and dirty way to do the same thing is to "Trap Out" (select everything outside the Trap area), and Hide.
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