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New member
Hello, after googling around for a while i found this forum and well i hope you guys can help me out.

I currently run Solidworks 2008 Office Premium and the other day i was using photoworks to render a model with a single light source on a white background with a transparent material as the solid body. It took a far chunk of time (45min) and considering this was done using a Quad core machine with 4Gb of ram i am sat stratching my head.

So the question, 'can solidworks use a render farm for rendering or doing FEA'

A render farm or 'computer cluster' is a bank of computers networked together that create one computer, and this is how Pixar render there animations, and many other film studios, but this form of computing isn't limited to rendering it can do anything such as number crunching.

So is anyone aware of such abilities with in solidworks, because i have seen videos of cruise liners designed in solidworks, and that would be a huge resource drain.