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Rail cut out problem



Thanks for the Solid Edge support in this forum. I am trying to cut out a guiding rail in a cylinder and cannot get the right cut or always get an error. The cut out is meant to be a guiding rail for a pen mechanic.

This picture might illustrate further what I want to do:


I created the rail with by wrapping a sketch onto the cylinder and doing normal cut-out. The problem is that the width of the cut-out increases along the radius of the cylinder while the pin does not (and should not).

So, how can I get a good rail into the cylinder?

So far I tried:
- Normal cut on the wrapped sketch (image above), but rail width increases along cylinder radius
- Sweep cut on the wrapped sketch, but I get a non-tangent error
- Loft cut along the wrapped sketch, but getting similar errors

Would be great to find a solution for this and sorry, if this is really a beginner question.