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Range of Rhino questions. Sectional perspective, 2d symbols, group editing + more!


New member

I use Vectorworks at work and also do all the (rather basic!) office 3d work on Rhino. Slowly improving but much to learn, I've been writing down questions/issues I come across so excuse the rather long list, any help on any part much appreciated!

1_Any advice on what would be the best way to create a sectional perspective from a 3d model, say like this example:

Google Image Result for http://www.richardmurphyarchitects.com/projects/images/1155308830.jpg

I could use the trim/split command but then I would need to patch/planar srf etc the cut faces of solid elements. Guessing there's a much better/easier/tidier way of doing this?

2_Is it possible to make plan/top views at differing z plane/elevation heights? So say one at +0 metres, +.5 metres, +1 metres etc? Also possibly related to another question I had to change the standard right/left/back/front views, it would really help me to be able to move these, so say I have a building that has a courtyard and I want to create an elevation drawing of each of the internal courtyard faces/walls, I would want to move the point where the standard views are positioned as with the default views the exterior building walls would obstruct the views of the internal courtyard walls. I was after a parallel view rather a perspective view. I tried viewportproperties then placing the camera location inside the courtyard but it didn't work as I'd hoped.

3_Is there a way of editing components of a group without ungrouping them and having to regroup?

4_Though generally I much prefer Rhino to Vectorworks, is there a plugin or way that one can edit objects (lines, surfaces, etc) numerically, length, angle, height etc? So if a line is say 1100mm long, clicking on it and entering a new length value, 1500mm. I want to use Rhino for 2d documentation rather than switching to Rhino, but above issues makes it a little more cumbersome compared to VW functionality, has anyone come across any helpful tutorials tips on how to work around these issues? I particularly like Vectorworks Object Attributes palette so anything similar would be a big bonus!

5_a VRAY for Rhino question if anyone can help! Rendering a parallel projection view doesn't seem to work, I have to change it to a perspective. Is there a way around this, sometimes I just want a render of a true parallel elevation.

6_Attached an image (rhino question.bmp) relating to a question, if you have a surface/or 2 shape for that matter, is there a way that one can project the corner A to meet the line? I have used extendcrvonsrf but that's all I could find?

7_Attachment rhino question2.bmp, relating to a problem I came across when creating a rough site model. I used an imported .dwg site survey, extruded the contours and then tried to trim the edges to create a rectangular site model. Most of the surfaces trimmed as expected but quite a few didn't. I tried trimming with a line, then a surface (what extended beyond the contour surfaces) and eventually had to turn the end points on and project them back to the trimming surface. Thoughts on this issue?

8_Can anyone recommend Rhino compatible 3d and 2d object libraries, I came across a couple on the McNeel website, wondered if there were other recommended ones?