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Re-Linking Parts to Assemblies


Hi Everyone,

I am a little new to Catia V5 R18 (I used to primarily use solidworks 2011 with EPDM) and am having an issue. I was working on some assemblies at home and when I came in to work I wanted to put them in their correct directories. However, when I open the assembly it tells me that it can't find some of the models because they are now in different folders than when I worked on it. In solidworks, there is a tool called "cache parts from assemblies" that searches the entire EPDM and, as long as the part files still have the same name, re-links them to their respective assemlies. Is there a similar script to run in CATIA? Or is it maybe in Enovia or something like that?

Thanks for all your help,



Super Moderator

1. You need to set up your "Search Order." This tells CATIA where (which folders) you want it to look for all the components when you open an assembly.

There are alot of options here, so it's best if you check with your system admin on how they recommend you define this.

No script - this is a user setting. Tools + Options + General + Document and use the Linked Document Localization section on the lower half of the panel

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2. Don't move or rename those CATIA files to different folders with tools like Windows Explorer. This will cause all kinds of link problems like the ones you have. Instead, use File + SAVE MANAGEMENT and SAVE AS to move or rename CATIA files.
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