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re using old parts but cant rename in properties


New member
Hello all

Catia is not my primary CAD package so if I ask something that seems obvious I apologise.

I am trying to use an old part to build a new assembly, I open the part then save as to create the new part and tick the "save as new document" box.

Then I open the new part and go to properties to rename the Product part number box so it matches the document name but it is greyed out ?
I am hoping its something obvious, please see the attached image

catia image.jpg




Super Moderator
Use the File + New From command to copy an existing part and save it with a new name.

If you have already inserted the old part into the assembly and now you want to save this part with a new name: (with the assembly open) use the File + Save Management to rename the old part. This will also update the links in the assembly so it's using the new part.