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Rendering speed


New member
I have a scene of about 1.1 million polygons. I found that using the BSP2 rendering method is much faster than any setting I put BSP 1 to. The scene renders about 1.5 hours per frame and I have roughly 1000 frames to render. It has to be in HD so the sampling should be min 1/4 and max 4 from what I understand. Any ideas? Anymore information I should provide?
I'm rendering everything in PNG format. Is there anyway I could get the scene to render maybe 15 minutes or 30 minutes per frame?

my computer is a pentium dual core 2.67 ghz
4 gigs of 3200 ddr2 ram
nvidia geforce 9800 gtx 812, I think. will check soon.
os is windows xp.