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Rendering with section


Hi all,

I want to have a picture from a section of the model I am building. If I just create the section and capture a picture directly from the screen, it has not enough resolution. So I have been trying to render it, in order to have enough resolution to be able to zoom in the picture without pixeling. I have tryed the following things:

  • Using in the DMU Navigator mask the "Photo Studio Easy Toools" button. When I render I obtain an empty image...

  • Changing to Photo Studio mask, and rendering from there. Even though in the screen I have the sectioned model, when rendering I obtain the complete model (no section)
Has anyone had the same problem and found any solution?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers!


Super Moderator
To get special sections (such as stepped, jagged, or non-planar section cuts) I've SPLIT each of the parts being sectioned. I can apply colors to the split sections also. More work, but also more flexibility to get the view I want.

I'm not familar with the Photo Rendering workbench. Maybe someone else can provide some help?