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hello ! Please it would be of big help if anyone can explain how to start doing this on catia, I'm clueless since I am a beginner in catia.


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I don't understand the diagram, so I'm clueless also. What do the zig-zag lines mean? What is the 10mm wide piece (dashed lines)? What is the wall thickness and are there any openings in this tank?

Could you make a new, clean diagram, and maybe a 3D diagram showing the shape of this reservoir.


you're right. I'm sorry I forgot to explain, the dashed lines is just an extra layer/border that comes out of the reservoir ( to hold it ). the zig zag lines are here just to help me visualize what the reservoir should look like.(so ignore them). And here is a picture of an old drawing. I hope this helps : (PS: the dimensions are wrong and the drawing is without the border: the dashed lines)

thank you very much in advance ! and let me know if there is still anything thats ambiguous.



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To make a part, similar to the second picture:

1. sketch the profile in the front view (V-shaped) and then extrude it with Pad 195mm long
2. use Shell command to hollow out the reservoir based on the material thickness (maybe 2.1 ?) , selecting the top face to be open
3. sketch the circular profile (R=95.5) in the front corner, and cut it out with Pocket
4. use Hole to add screw holes
5. add 10mm wide flange on top with Pad
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