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retrieving license from manager and grasshoper

Hi, im new with Rhino and i have a couple of questions about it.
I installed a few days rhino 4 in my old windows Vista laptop and when i run it i get this message:

retrieving license from license manager
please wait

and then the app runs ok

It is the same when i select the option about rhinoceros. I would like to know if this is a normal behaivor? or should i get some kind of license?

Everything runs ok, the only problem im having is when i try to run grasshopper, when i run grasshopper i get a message that says that i need the version 4.0.30319 of .net framework. I have isntalled the last version but it continue ask me for this .

Then i get this message:

Rhino.Net: LoadPlugin - Unable to load Rhino Net SDK DLL
c:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\System\Rhino_DotNET.dll
Unable to load GrasshopperPlugin.rhp plug-in Rhino version not specified

Do anybody know why is this? and how can i run grasshopper?


Dr. Octopus