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Rhino 3D Newbie


New member
I have some basic questions concerning Rhino... they're influenced by being primarily a SketchUp user for the past few years...

1) Is there a tool in Rhino similar to tape measure tool in SketchUp? I find this to be the most handy feature of SketchUp am wondering if there is a similar tool or similar method to drawing geometry in Rhino?

2) Does Rhino have a relative coordinates input setting or is 'CPlane' the closest it gets? Its more or less relative but I wonder if there is a way for the software to recognize the direction I am drawing geometry vs always typing in '-'...

Thanks for any insight... I realize such elementary questions may cause one's eye to roll...


New member
there is the command "length" that will tell you the length of a curve.

To draw a line from a point without knowing the exact coordinates of where you are starting and where you want to end up use this: @, then enter the length of the line then enter this symbol, <, then the angle of the direction you want the line to go. For example if you wanted to draw a 2 inch line from a point you selected at a 45 deg angle you would type this @2<45 and that would draw a 2 unit long line at a 45 degree angle (based on the cplane) from where you started.

Hope this helps.