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Rhino 4 Problem rendering


New member
hi guys,

I have been having trouble rendering one of my rhino models, it is a fairly simple model apart from the 1760 small cylindrical extrusions on the top or the model (each one is 1mmx2mm) though solidworks seems to render it perfectly well...

the model has been altered on solidworks to avoid the arkward filleting problems of rhino... and solidworks seems to render it ok, even though it is a rhino part file. but when i try to render it on rhino it says; processing geometry table, Creating render meshes..
this goes on for hours and i havnt yet seen anY progression... i have tried rendering it using rhino render, flamingo and vray... all have the same problem... i would imagine that rhino is trying to work out the geometry before rendering but i seems to be taking way too long.... i am really stuck as i would like to render with vray rather than photoworks.

does anyone know what may be causing this? or how to solve this?
this is really bothering me as i have a deadline for this render.

pc spec:
cpu: core 2 duo 2.2ghz
ram 2gb
no gpu..

any help really apprecited!!