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Rhinoceros 5: Every edge created is a naked edge!

Y Le

New member
Hi! I am using the Rhinoceros 5 software, and I'm very, very new to it (in fact, this is my third day using it). I am trying to create a very simple ring creating this software, with a not-so-successful attempt.

In short, all of my edges come off as naked edges. Even very, very simple designs such as a CUBE displays six edges; even creating it with the square tool, having Grid snap and Osnap on. I tried JoinEdge and RebuildEdge, having a tolerance of 5, and nothing is working.

As a last resort, I even tried zooming all the way in to the naked edge, but it is closed and connected, so I don't see why it is a naked edge there. I even tried making a cylinder, and the circle bases have one naked "edge," which strikes me as odd. I'm not sure what else I can do at this point.

I am desperate and in need of help. Any suggestion is very welcome. Thank you!