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Rotating object view with mouse - Options?


New member

I have used Unigraphics, IronCAD, FreeCAD and Blender and in all these applications I can rotate the object with the mouse easily. I've just come to using Solidworks and I'm struggling. It's similar to Sketchup, but in sketchup you can hold cntrl I think and roll the object.

I think my issue is that if I have a box on the screen and I try to rotate it, it rotates about the same point, whereas in other CAD packages, the rotation depends on where the mouse is when you click on the part.

Or, the issue is I'm used to an "auto roll" type function. I seem, to be able to get round the issue by selecting roll, but that's so long winded to do every time I want to rotate the part. Also, the roll appears to be inverted!

So, my question is, are there any options to change how the mouse rotates the part? Either a shortcut key to initiate a roll (not inverted) or options to change how the mouse moves the part?

Any insight would be helpful, this seems like a simple problem so hopefully there's an obvious answer!