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Save and open system in Catia V6

Hello every one.

I have a very basic question to ask. I am a student and have been using AutoCAD and NX8. I was advised to get to know Catia as well so i started to learn it by my self.

My question is that "How do I save and open a drawing,model, part, etc in CATIA V6 ". I can make a part and save it ( The software says is save in a vault) but can not open it later.

Also can some one also explain why is Catia V6 different form normal software ( having no SAVE / OPEN option). Dassault must have a good reason but still its really annoying.

Thanks in advance.


Super Moderator
One of the major features of CATIA V6 is it is tightly coupled with ENOVIA PLM. To advance technology, Dassault requires V6 users to use the PLM vault instead of a file-based database.

If you just want to learn CATIA, I suggest learning V5 since it has a very similar interface and it is file-based.