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saving with catia & version history


For some reason when I open the CATIA file, my part appears exactly as I want it to, but whenever I upload it to another location or save it in a different location, it appears as the earlier version. Why would do you think this would happen?
Thank you!


Super Moderator
I think it could be several different reasons for this to happen. Are you 100% sure you are really saving it in a different location? Are you sure you are opening it from this different location?

If you are opening an assembly containing this part; I suspect your Search Order is probably not setup correctly.

If you are opening the part by itself; it might be getting the previous version from memory. Try these things:
1. close all CATIA windows. In the power input box, type "c: clear history", open the latest version of the part
2. EXIT CATIA and restart CATIA and then open the latest version of the part