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Scaling a sketch make off a drawing according to one known dimension


New member
Hey everyone!

I'm trying to wrap my head around the following. There's a part that I want to create a 3d model of.

So I took the real life part, drew it's outline on paper and scanned it in. Then using lines and fillets I recreated the sketch inside SolidWorks. (I didn't add any dimensions at this point, just set up relations, e.g. some lines are vertical, others collinear, etc.)

Now I'm at the stage where I have all the angles and proportions set up exactly as I want them. What I want to do next is to somehow "lock" this all together and have everything scale according to the length of one of the part's edges. So, if the real length of the line is 5cm and I set it to 10cm, everything else will scale up 2x.

I know there's a scale tool in SW, but the line needs to be an exact length and messing around trying to calculate the exact scaling factor doesn't seem to be an elegant way to do this.

Thanks everyone :)


New member
Hello dmitrycy,

Looking at the scenario, I would try using Equations to link all dimensions in the sketch.

You can use Global Variables and Sketch Equations together.
Once all the relations are in place, the value of global variable can be changed as required.

Make one dimension Driving and rest Driven. This will give you the control that you are intending to achieve.