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Screw thread


I have problem to design this kind of tapered thread (its start, middle and end are different). Please may you guide me how to do it? I will be thankful if you attach a .catpart fileSnag_161b42b0.png to examine it.


  • Srew
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There are 2 ways to model a screw: either add the thread to the root diameter, or remove the thread profile from the major diameter. In my model shown below, I removed the profile.

My screw is based on three profile sketches: the major diameter (red), the root diameter (green) and the thread profile (hidden). I used the first profile to add a Shaft representing the main body of the screw. Then I added a Helix using the second sketch as the Profile. Then I added a third sketch of the thread profile to sweep along the Helix as a Slot feature.

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