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Setting animation direction for angle movement?

J Stanley

New member
I have recently started using Solidworks. I was basically shown the workstation and told to get busy... Luckily I have used other 3D cad, and I have managed to get work done.

However, I have been stumped by the use of angle constraints in animation. Some work fine, and I figured out that there is a 360 deg range, etc. I got most all to work, some by starting them with a small angle offset so they "inherently" seem to go the right way. (this is probably a hack, sorry, I AM a hack right now)

I have two doors left on a marketing animation of a model. These two insist on turning the wrong way through the solid part of the model (an enclosure with "stuff" in it, for a client, so no files).

I am using animation, with time based angle constraints to operate various folding and closing parts, including these doors.

They need to turn 270 degrees, from parallel with an end and against it, around to be closed against the sides perpendicular to that end. They persist in going the wrong way, even with intermediate key times that are in teh correct direction. They DO go to those positions, but then they proceed to flip back around the wrong way.

The two doors at the other end of the enclosure were very co-operative, and responded to the introduction of a half degree bias in the right direction.

Am I going to have to use a motor to get these to go? Or is there some way to convince them to behave decently?

J Stanley

New member
Apparently nobody here can clarify how this animation works?

The issue is how to get the correct direction of rotation on an animated part.

It appears to be inconsistent, as the same part in different places behaves entirely differently, in one case being quite controllable, and in the other case insisting on rotating the "long way" through the model, instead of outside it.

Putting in intermediate steps, and changing sign, etc made no real difference. The part would rotate to the intermediate steps, then reverse all the way around in the original wrong direction, even when only a few degrees existed between the final intermediate position and the desired one.

J Stanley

New member
No ideas?

Wow, this forum is dead. Solidworks must be old and obsolete, no longer used by many. Other forums are jumpin, with pages of posts in the last couple days.

Might be time we are movin on

J Stanley

New member
OK got the message.... this forum is not the place to be.

Nobody much is on this, and those who are do not have experience with the program.... must all be noobs.

See yah.