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Sheet metal 360º blend


New member
Hello everyone, Im trying to represent a sheet metal as shown in the files attached, in Catia v5 r19. Captura de pantalla 2015-07-23 a las 14.51.10.jpg

I could represent de figure in its flat position [using generative sheetmetal design and building it with the extrusion tool, like it is in the right part of the file attached. But when I try to bend 30º the sheet pieces I can only bend one, and the other its impossible to bend it 30 aswell, to make it fit to the first one. Errors and white space between both parts are generated while trying this.

Im waiting for some kind of suggestion about how could I represent this piece.

Really thanks :)

PD: Here is all I could do: Captura de pantalla 2015-07-23 a las 20.36.06.jpg, but still dont know how to bend both parts together...
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New member
I mistook in my explanation, when I represented it in its flat position was using extrusion tool, not wall.

Waiting for some ideas! :D


Super Moderator
Although this part is made from sheetmetal, I would use the Part Design workbench to model it as a simple solid. Similar to what you did with the extrusion. The only benefit of using the Sheetmetal workbench would be to develop a flat pattern, which can easily be done manually for this part.

I was taught the Sheetmetal workbenches are primarily intended for parts that are bent on a brake. This part is formed.

There are some interesting replies to your post on Engineering Tips: Catia v5 Sheet metals bending - DASSAULT: CATIA products - Eng-Tips , including a model to download.
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