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Sheetmetal drawing annotations



I'm using in Catia V6 sheetmetal drawings custom GVS for unfolded views. This GVS xml file (attached here) is made from Catia V5 and with this you can get bend annotations automatically to the unfolded view (explained in this video:

There is one problem with this bend annotation because there is a lot of text that is not necessary. Many times it's difficult to fit this annotations in drawing so it would be trimmed like figure below. In this figure upper annotation is automatically added with this xml file and below is my manually trimmed version.

Is there anyone here on the forum who understands coding enough to be able to fix that xml file?

My friend managed to fix it to format like R: 3mm 162deg Up. That much it's kind of easy to fix the xml file, but it would be good to remove the extra spaces and the sign : and the unit mm also.

Bend annotations.png


  • SheetMetalBendEdges_1.txt
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