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Shortcuts in catia to view the 3D model in the different views

Kamlesh Kumar

New member
I want to know any command or key to view the 3D model in the different standard views.
Like in the Solidworks ctrl+1 for front view, ctrl+2 for back view are assigned.
Please tell me short keys for the same in the catia, if any?


Super Moderator
CATIA V5 has the same commands for standard views in the Quick View menu, with icons that are pretty intuitive.
quick view.JPG

You could also type in the view command in the Power Input field, although that's not as easy as clicking an icon.

Or, you could customize your settings and assign hot keys for each command, making it just like Solidworks.
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New member
Hi Kamalesh,

yes you do have similar shortcuts in CATIA bit you need to configure it by yourself, i will attach a image with example and you can follow the same
View attachment 1677

Go to the below path.
Tools --> Customize --> Commands --> select the command you want to customize (here i have selected *bottom) --> then click on show properties --> then in User Alias type "B" (desired shortcut ) and press enter key.

now in CATIA, press "C:B"

you will get the bottom view

Note : the shortcuts are case sensitive.


New member
Late to the party, but if you'd still like to do this, this is how:
1. View>toolbars>customize>new. Name this whatever you want
2. Make sure this toolbar is opened
3. In the same customization window, >commands tab
4. Click and drag the front, back, etc. views into the toolbar
5. You can now make accelerations (shortcuts) for those views